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Cleve Sharp 

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"If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God, it will make in the end no difference what you have chosen instead" 
CS Lewis

The "Institutional Church" is going through a revolution.  Are you ready for faithful, long term relationships with others in the Body of Christ?   This is the only way the fire of Gods’ Spirit will fall on the land.  Those that have found their spiritual joints and learned to walk in and remain in covenant with one another will become carriers of His nature and His powerA people of prayer, and worship they will be marked by love, cooperation, and covenant unity. 

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God isn’t pleased with intellectual, philosophical Christianity while we live our lives as functional atheists. In other words we declare we believe in Jesus and attend "church" yet our lives are lived without a sense of ongoing accountability to the ways of God.  When the Fathers will and our will collide ….do we say no to ourselves or no to God?  CJS

Our society is in a downward spiral.  We are quickly losing the generation that understood family and community.  Of the "Millennials" that are in high school right now, it is estimated that only 4% will claim to be Christian as adults.  Many in the Church are waiting for the magic silver bullet.  Some are hanging on in quiet desperation  waiting for the Lord to get us out of here.  Still others are feverishly implementing program after program, serving a success model that only produces numbers.  Many have become motionless through an evacuee mentality while others are covered up with ungodly tolerance through user friendly, seeker sensitivity.  The inevitable result is we are not changing the land. 


We must have an awakening to the "Kingdom of God".   This awakening must be to the Lordship of Jesus.  The government of Christ is not an imaginary thing though it does not take on the trappings of earthly government.  There are levels of its manifestation in our lives.  Beginning with the internal work and leadership of the Holy Ghost.  We must live life  in a "wind like" manner according to the analogy given to Nicodemus in John 3.   Secondly, "Man must not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God".  What's God saying to you these days.  Thirdly the scripture must be a plumb-bob in the middle of our understanding and walk with the Lord.   The scripture is written for us and testifies to us of His ways and how to walk.  These manifestations of His Kingdom instructs, corrects, directs, reproves, and empowers believers.  The submitted subjects of this Kingdom have power in the heavenlies and authority over the forces of darkness.

Finally, there are those with "skin on" that are delegates of our Lord.  He has placed watchmen in the body of Christ.  These are very real posts manned by God ordained leaders.   These are those who refuse to serve their own interests giving their lives to serve the interests of Christ.  They are gifts to the Church, given to us to watch for our souls.  They are to trumpet a warning when they see our spiritual lives threatened. When our actions have breached sound judgment, when we have violated the way of the Spirit, the Word, or the scripture . Who can pull us back from that folly?   Many of us hate words like submit and authority unless we are the ones in charge.  You may say, " I don't have anyone who  speaks into my life".  That may be true but it is not by the design of the "Kingdom of God".  I would encourage you to invest the time and prayer to find out who that person or persons might be.

The Kingdom of Christ has a dynamic government that is at work even now in the earth.  His government doesn't produce mindless drones.  His government produces fruitful lives and Christ-like virtues and values.  Lives that are submitted  in this wonderful "Kingdom"  become effective examples of the higher-way.  The government of Christ produces salty-salt and visible lights.   The answer to the dilemma of our society and the failure of the "church" is our return to the "Kingdom of God". 

Come on and journey with me in this wonderful way of the "King".

Bro Cleve


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